Thursday, September 3, 2009


For my Illustration class, we are experimenting with watercolor. I've taken a few classes in high school and one in Italy involving watercolor so I know a little about it, although I'm sure I can always improve. I have done a few large watercolors in my Drawing III class involving marine life and a few others that I think turned out well. I really enjoy watercolor and hopefully I will improve with this class. I like to work loosely with the flow of the color and blend and let them run however they want. I also like to utilize bright, vivid colors. Our first assignment was to paint 10 small scale paintings of anything. For two of them, I chose to do one of my make-up brushes and a tree down the street from me. Our next assignment, was to paint another set of 10 but this time paint landscapes. Most of what I came up with was from my imagination. Because to be honest, there isn't much variety in the landscape of Kirksville.

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