Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So here is the final Stressed Out magazine spread. I think the illustration was exactly how I wanted it. I also think that even though it is a cartoon, it is age appropriate because it is a man at work and it is a bit light-hearted as opposed to dreary pictures of people looking stressed. It's been done a million times and even older people get tired of looking at pictures of other stressed people. So, I finally put all the text in and I think it worked well. I'm happy with the turn out and I'm happier to be finished with it. ;)
Time estimated: 7 hrs
Planning/research: 30 min
Rough sketch/first draft/illustration: 1 hr
Second draft: 1 hr
Execution: 4 hrs; 2 in class 2 out of class
Printing/finishing up: 1 hr

I went over by 30 min but I think it was necessary and it is pretty close to my estimated time.

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