Friday, September 11, 2009

Revise Native Americans Heritage.

Having had a the discussion with Rusty about the sitting bull concept I sketched out a bull and went and put it into illustrator. I also comped out the text and how I wanted the 5 column layout to work with the text and titles. I think the critique in class went well. I also got feedback on the color that we are supposed to work with and I think that I am going to either add it into as the stripe under the bull or as a large block behind the title phrase and the bull. I estimated to spend an hour or so comping out the sketches and another half hour designing the bull. Overall, I think I've spent almost 2 hours designing/sketching the comp. We were also assigned a revision of a poster that involved TSODA dance recital. I'm not so proud of this one (hangs head in shame) but we have to post it. I spent probably a half an hour coming up with a concept and sketching. That was probably what I estimated.

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