Friday, September 25, 2009

How Safe?

This assignment deals with type and layout with a picture. I chose to find a picture of veggies and had quite a time figuring out how to balance everything since we had such little text to use.
Estimated time: 7 hrs
So far layout/research: 4.5 hrs

The bottom one is after he edited my spread and told me the revisions to make. I have to deal with the top of the page because he didn't like the line that went through the pages. I need to find some interesting way to balance and have a no bleed object.


  1. I like that you posted my art direction on your layouts. They look so rude. Sorry. Are the comments helping any?

  2. Well after critique I think they helped overall. There were a couple suggestions that didn't really work but for the most part, yeah. So I guess being rude pays off in this instance.