Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visual Communications Mid-Term Portfolio

This is the portfolio for the midterm in Visual Communications. Having been given the task of presenting 6 pieces that define the work I have done over the semester so far, I found it quite difficult to choose which ones best represent my work. I also spent some time revamping many of them done earlier in the semester. Having to choose 6 assignments proved to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be.
Portfolio Submission 1:
The first project involves us choosing a professional photograph and placing it in a magazine spread, an advertisement, and a poster of some sort. I chose my poster, which I designed for a gala at the aquarium. 4 color, bleed.
Time spent: 4 hours; 1 hour spent brainstorming; 2 hours spent finding text and laying out; 1 hour finalizing layout
Revisions: 2 hours

Portfolio Submission 2:
This is the most recent assignment for Missouri Conservationist. The specs were 4 color no bleed. 11x17. We were also assigned to take our own photography which I really enjoyed doing.

Time: 5 hours...... 2 hours taking photography; 1 hour photoshopping photography; 2 hours typesetting/laying out
Revision: 1 hour

Portfolio Submission 3:
This is one of our first assignments. We were given a no bleed, black and white poster. I really enjoyed the tag line I came up with which is why I chose to use it in my portfolio. I think concept is vital. When revising, I wanted to play up the headline so I made it green. 8.5"x 11"

Time: Brainstorming: 1 hr Execution: 1.5 hr
Revision: 30 min
Portfolio Submission 4:
This is the poster for the magazine article on unhealthy food. I wanted to make it look like a clean spread that could be seen in an upscale magazine. 4 color, 11x17 bleed. I had a difficult time using such a small amount of type in such a large area.
Time: Brainstorming: 30 min, Typesetting: 2 hours Laying out: 2 hours
Revisions: 3 hrs
1st revision: 1 hr
2nd revision: 1 hr
3rd revision: 1 hr

Portfolio Submission 5:
This is a poster for National American Heritage Month. One color, specified. Black and white. 13x19. This is one of the first times I worked with a column grid. I enjoy the tag line and think that I executed the illustration well.
Time: Laying out: 2 hrs, Research/Brainstorming: 1 hr
1st time: 1 hr
2nd time: 2 hrs
Portfolio Submission 6:
This is the final Rapala spread. Bleed, 4 color. We were to create an advertisement emphasizing the benefits of using Rapala bait lures. I found the photography of the lures and the man holding the fish. I think this is a nicely executed layout.
Time: Layout: 2 hours Typesetting: 2 hours, Finding picture/photoshopping: 2 hours
1st time: 1.5 hour
2nd time: 1 hr

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