Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Illustration Mid-Term Portfolio

This is my portfolio for Illustration. I think my favorite pieces are watercolor although, I really enjoyed my most recent gouache.

Portfolio Illustration 1:
This is from the assignment where we were supposed to do 10 watercolors in whichever fashion we chose as well as whatever subject matter we wanted. I really enjoyed playing with the colors that run together as well as intense pigment. I like vivid colors in my paintings and working loosely with large amounts of water and letting the colors flow.
30 min

Portfolio Illustration 2:
This is one of the watercolor assignments where we were supposed to paint a landscape or something associated with the outdoors. This is one of the first watercolor paintings I did for this class and I think it best represents my skills as a painter. I like how the colors fade into one another as well as the fluidity of the tree.
Time: 20 min

Portfolio Illustration 3:
This assignment was one of the many landscape assignments we had to paint. We were told to paint 10 landscape paintings with watercolor. This is one of my favorites that I did. I like how little detail there is. I think it adds to the composition and makes the piece flow. I also think the colors are very complimentary. I also focused on the clouds. Which was one of my favorite parts of the watercolor landscapes.
Time: 30 min

Portfolio Illustration 4:
This is my gouache montage of three random objects. I had a difficult time when we first started doing gouache and I hated it. But after doing this assignment, I think that my skills have improved greatly. I really liked the pick out technique as well as the watercolor effect that can be achieved from gouache as well. I actually enjoyed spending the required hours it took to finish this painting.
sketching/laying out: 1 hour
Comp: 1 hr
Execution: 8 hours

Portfolio Illustration 5:
This is our illustration for the DMV. I chose to do the aspect of the student driver and the teacher. The student driver is obviously oblivious to the fact that he's on the wrong side of the road and the marks on the road show that he's out of control. After coming up with an illustration in pen, we then photoshopped in color. I like the effect of the whole composition and color.
Time: Sketches/recomping: 3 hrs
Photoshop: 2 hours

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